How to start eM Client Offline?

Currently im testing a lot with a new CalDAV and  CardDAV Installation and with different URL’s. Since eM Client is ideal for testing this servers, i search for a way to start eM Client in a offline mode, so that it didn’t sync directly after start. Since the URL is changing sometimes and different URL’s have somewhat special Usecases, this leads sometimes to doubled Events and Contacts on the Server. It would be cool, that i could start eM Client, without that it connects to the Server, change my setting and restart eM Client, this time in online mode.

How can i do this? Are there some special Startup Parameters?

Hello Keith,

You can start eM Client in offline mode if you press Ctrl and hold it down when you double click the eM Client icon to start the program. Please continue holding the Ctrl key down until you see the following window:


Many thx.