How to share entire task list

Hello All,

I am wondering whether it’s possible to share my task list with others on eM Client, either on the free or paid versions; and if so, whether I would need to get an Exchange based email to do that. I am currently using gmail for my personal email account, and G Suite for my business email account, and I expect to soon add an employee who I would like to share my task list with.

At my old job, I used to be able to have my assistant view and edit my entire task list on Outlook, and I could also assign her tasks to complete, and she could check those off on Outlook on her computer, and I would see on my computer that she’d done them. I was also able to right-click on an email and turn it into a task so that I would remember to follow up on that email later. Now that I’m self-employed, I am considering paying around $200/year just to be able to do all of that again - especially since my G Suite account is only free for the first year anyway - but am wondering whether eM Client would give me an alternative, cheaper way of doing that, and if so, how I can do that. Plus, eM Client looks pretty sleek!

Thanks for any help!