how to set up Skype account on eM Client?

I want to see skype contacts as I see my Facebook contacts on right side panel.

First time I launched program it sent requests to my 2 Skypes and i confirmed them and then I pressed something and canceled, now I can not setup my Skype anymore since there is no add Skype account function.

What I want is to import all my Skype contacts to eM Client and use Skype only via eM Client w/o turning on Skype.exe


Skype API for 3rd party software will no longer be supported by Microsoft. That is why Skype support will no longer be implemented in eM Client.

Anyway this was impossible even under support, eM Client handled only Skype contacts and it was impossible to call or send messages from it in the past. It was designed to use native Skype for this.


You need to update online documentation to remove references to skype.

Online documentation is being reworked for sometime already and should be published soon.