How to set up HotMail on eM Client

Newbie question: I installed eM Client and did a quick install of GMail. Everything works fine; I am able to send & receive mail. Next, I went into ACCOUNTS/NEW ACCOUNT and added my HotMail account. I followed the Automatic Setup where all I had to do was to put in my email address and password and press the ‘Start Now’ button (pretty much what I did when I set up my GMail account).

eM Client did a great job of downloading all my HotMail folders and InBox. I ran into two problems though. (1) When I composed my first email in HotMail, the email went into the Outbox of ‘Local Folders’ and stays there. (2) The second problem is that eM Client will not receive any email.

Fiddling around a bit, I went into account settings and under the mail tab, noticed that Authentication was set to ‘Use identity credentials’. There was an option to change this to ‘Use these credentials’. Noticing that my HotMail Username and Password were already populated, I decided to flip Authentication to ‘Use these credentials’. Voila! The test email in my outbox was sent!

Unfortunately, I haven’t solved the 2nd problem, that is, eM Client is not receiving any email.

Does this mean that eM Client is not compatible with or intended to be used with non-IMAP systems like HotMail/LiveMail?

Or are there other setting that I need to tweak when using HotMail that I might have missed?

Thanks in advance for your support!!

Things seemed to improve a bit over the next 24 hours and sometimes mail is sent and sometimes it is received. The might have been a licensing issue as I had put in my license key on Day-1 but by Day-2, eM Client was saying that my client wasn’t licensed. I put the license key in again and mail seemed to come in okay. Unfortunately, I have a new issue that I will post separately. It seems that eM Client has deleted a majority of my HotMail. Trying to figure out exactly what happened. See separate post.

thank you for your update, I am marking this post as solved.