How to set up Automatic archive in PDF

For example, in Outlook 2010 I have options PDF Automatic Archival. I create Subfolder under Inbox emails and I want to save all emails to PDF format Packages.
How can I do it in eMclient? 

I believe there is no process to do that. 
EmClient stores either copies (imap) or the real email (POP) into its own little database.   When you archive it moves those emails to its archive Database .  If you want it in a format that can be read by other email clients or notepad then you need to EXPORT them (EML) to a folder.
The export will create  folder structure like the Archive Database but it will be in eml format.   Either way one is highly recommended to use the emclient backup facility to backup everything.

I archive my mail over 6 months to the archive database , run a backup every 2 weeks to my own defined folder and on occasion export the entire archive eml s   to the same backkup folder so I have the eml format if needed.  
I believe the database is called sqllite   or litesql    but not really sure.

Maybe some one else has created some code for that process.

Richard is right, there is no automatic way to do that in eM Client. After exporting to eml, you can use an external application to batch convert them to pdf. The other time consuming option is to do each email individually by Print > Save as PDF.