How to save years of emails - over 25 gb for easy reading

I have about 8 years of emails stored in my em client. I have them broken down into folders by year and then subfolders. My carbonite can’t seems to keep trying to backup these mail_data.dat files with no success. I need a way to safely archive all these years but still be able to access and search them. I like being able to do a search in emclient and it will look through everything but I’m afraid keeping them this way is going to come back and bite me if I can’t be assured of backing them up.

anyone have a good suggestion??

We recommend you to use our built in Backup feature - open the menu File and click “Backup”. It will pack your database folder and save it to your documents. You can restore all your data from the backup with one click on the Restore button.

Ok - I’ve done that so now I have a zipped file that says it is 13.2 Gb. I want to store that on an external drive. I tried using a 32Gb thumb drive but it says the file is too big. That doesn’t make sense to me. Is the drive reading what the total size is and not the compressed size?


I’ve also cleaned out all the old emails from the client. But now I’m finding that the program is kind of slow. It takes a long time for emails to open and send. Any idea what could be causing that? And how to fix it?


I do not know - what file system do you have on the external drive?

When you delete large amount of data your database is compacting which takes a while. After it is finished, eM Client should become responsive again.