How to save an email record

I have an email I want to save and delete. How do I save it to my desktop for record keeping?

I see the option of “download selected” but it doesnt do anything when I click it. Another option saves them, but as links. I want a document format of the emails.

Right click in the message body, choose “save as”, choose location - in your case “desktop” - and the email will be saved as .eml file on your desktop.

You can also drag a message to your desktop or a selected folder in File Explorer.

To save multiple messages, select the ones you want to save (CTRL click individual, Shift click for a group) then drag the lot to where you want them saved

And if I delete the message in my inbox, will this delete the message i saved to my desktop?

Hello Cameron,
no, once you save the message as EML file in your computer, removing it from eM Client or your mail server will make no difference to the exported file.