How to retrieve my stored emails from corrupt emClient

I made a mistake - I uninstalled some  annoying and invasive Google software on my laptop, but did not realize, that I also un installed some elementary files from eMclient. The eMclient does not open any longer, - but I have important emails stored on the emClient software.
What can I do please to safe, transfer,retrieve these emails,
or better still what can I do to get emClient fixed - restored.

I will gladly send the error report if you tell me where to send it to
Thank you


Renee Hills

Hi Renee,

You can copy the whole contents of the data directory of eM Client to (for example) an external hard disk.

If you haven’t changed the directory in which eM Client stores it data, the default directory is:

C:\Users<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\eM Client

screen shot:

You can uninstall eM Client, and then re-install it.

That should get eM Client up and running again.

Actually, if there’s nothing wrong with the data of eM Client, you should now also be able to see your previous e-mails, calendar and contacts.

Hi Renee, can you please post the error from the report you’re seeing?
Just click on “Show error” and copy the content and post it here.

Are you able to open up eM Client in offline mode? Hold down the ctrl button while clicking on eM Client’s icon and hold it until it loads.

Thank you,