How to restore my e-mails and contacts form my broken laptop.

I was your user but my computer broke and now I lost all my e-mails. Now I download your app and I need help if its possible to restore my e-mails and e-mail addresses from before. Please for help. 

Hello Darko,
this actually depends on how your accounts were set up. If you were using IMAP accounts you should be able to just log into your accounts and the messages will synchronize from the server.
If you delted your emails from the server and stored all your emails locally only, you will not be able to get them unless you get your old computer’s data restored (and even then the data might be corrupted and unusable).

If you need to reset your license information, you can tell me or send me your email (to under which you registered, so I can reset your license credentials, which will be sent to your mail.

Best regards,