How to restore from backup and keep emails

Today, my Sent folder was empty but when I restored the emclient backup, there it was. I tried to copy to a local folder marked sent (clicked on shift on top and down to last email, everything went blue) and then clicked on copy to folder Sent in local folders. It wouldn’t, noting the emails were no longer on the server. What is the point of a backup if you can’t keep and save otherwise lost emails? Anyone any ideas?

Before doing the restore, disconnect from the Internet. Restore, move the messages, and then reconnect to the Internet. See if that helps.

It didn’t. Error message that it could not connect to server. You couldn’t even see the emails. So that backup is useless really. If you lose emails from server, the backup doesn’t help restore them. Very upsetting.

By default eM Client only syncs the message headers with the server. So the Subject, From, To, Date etc. It does not sync the message body. That appears to be what is in your backup.

To change this you need to enable the offline option before doing the backup. That way the backup will also contain the message body, and any attachments if that is what you have selected.


While I understand the reason for not enabling this by default, there should be some note in the backup settings that explains it.

Thanks. Too late for me though.

Stay safe. Stay offline.

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