How to reply from the same address to which the message was sent?

Before the last update, I was able to always answer form the same address to which the message was sent, and I was using aliases because I use only my Gmail account.

Now I didn’t find this option anymore, and I need every time to change the e-mail which I am sending the message.

This is pretty common in every email software, like Thunderbird, and in this one there is also an option to have a signature for each alias.

Is there any plan for having this again, or correcting it?


+1 for auto signatures for aliases. My current solution is to manually add with right click > Insert > Signature > whichever.

I am using 7.1.30794. I have aliases and have no problem with the client auto-selecting the correct alias to match the sent to address. It is a feature I rely on constantly.

Yes, I’m seeing now that works, but I don’t know why sometimes it doesn’t. Anyway, I’ll keep checking to make sure it’ll be sent by the right e-mail.