How to rename folders?

I have two email accounts, and . Mail for each account is separated into it’s own folder. One folder is called The other folder is called “LOCAL FOLDERS”. How do I change the name LOCAL FOLDERS to

This would let me find mail for by having a folder named beta or something  similar, instead of the mail being sent to LOCAL FOLDERS. The words LOCAL FOLDERS tell me nothing about whether mail sent to is in that  folder.

Thank you.

You can’t change the Local Folders name as that is what is required by the system.

I assume that the account is POP3. When setting up a POP3 account the default is to create a separate set of folders for the account. That folder tree is local but not in Local Folders. If the account messages are going to Local Folders then you would have chosen that specifically in the setup, or it could have been done when importing an account from another application.

For IMAP, or POP3 accounts not using Local Folders, you can change the name in Menu > Tools > Accounts.

Changing the Account Name, changes the folder name.