How to rename folder

I right click on a folder, select RENAME, but it doesn’t work. It reverts to the original name. It’s very frustrating! Can anyone help?
Thanks, in anticipation.

It’s OK, I’ve just found the answer!

What is the answser?  I had the same experience.

Hello Michael,

After clicking rename and entering the new name, have you been clicking somewhere else or have you pressed enter?
The new folder name should stay after you press enter after renaming it.


Thanks. I discovered the answer by accident. This is not intuitive for any Windows user and may be worth looking at in the future. The online Help files seem to be no help at all!

Such a simple solution…thank you!!! I never thought of pressing enter, didn’t see any information on how to do it in the program itself.  I was left-clicking outside the highlighted name, as I can do in Windows Explorer.