How to remove individual previous recipient address from pick list.

When I begin to type a name to send to, a list of previous previous recipients shows up in a pick list. I love that but I need to be able to remove a few incorrect choices. These are not in my contact list so deleting them is not an option.


when unwanted recipient shows up in address bar there should be red cross on far right side of that bar, click on it and this contact will show no more in address bar.


I am having this same problem. eM Client has found old email address’ from somewhere that are no longer valid and offers them as suggestions as I start typing in the name of the person I want to send an email to. I would like to remove these unwanted, non-valid suggestions. How do I do this?

Hi, as John Galis mentioned there should be a red cross next to the unwanted email address and if you click on it,
the address shouldn’t show-up again.

Hi Paul,

I appreciate your prompt reply and the screenshot. That is how I understood the explanation prior to the picture. Unfortunately, it would appear that the version that I have (6.0.19861.0) does not do this. There is no “red cross” or “X” to the right of the address. I have tried to upload my own screenshot, but it is not working.

if you don’t see the red cross next to your address that should mean that email address is saved in your contacts.
Can you please check if this is possible?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

I use gmail for my contacts; I had previously looked in contacts, both gmail and eM Client prior to using this forum, and I did not find the address’ in either. HOWEVER, I use a second gmail account for non-personal correspondence but I do not utilize the contacts from there. Upon checking, the erroneous address’ had somehow migrated to there and eM Client had picked them up.

Thank you for your assistance, the issue is resolved.


Glad everything works now.
If you experience any more issues , please check back with us.