How to remove attached files in eM Client

How do I do to remove an attached file from any mail without entirely removing that mail? Any trick? Thanks!

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment.

It’s unbelievable. Wouldn’t the ability to remove an attachment while retaining the email text be a basic feature in 2013. It’s so basic, I hesitate to call it a “feature.” I understand “it is not possible at the moment” but don’t you think you should say when it will be possible? Please advise.

I think that generally speaking the application is worthwhile. However, as to removing attached files, this seems to be a losing battle. For some strange / unknown reason, the developer does not see the REAL need to periodically lighten one’s ever-growing mail files by removing at least those large files attached to them.

I wish many companies learned from the incredible support of another company whose application license I purchased too,! Their application is --constantly-- being updated to fulfill their customers requests!


Thanks Fernando.

Yes, you get it. It’s a mind-numbing situation. There is a screamingly obvious need to remove attachments in email. It’s confusing because the eM Client people are so very good at the other stuff.

We have this functionality in our todo list but it has lower priority then other more important features we have to implement first. Anyway, I have discussed it with out developers and they will reconsider the priority of this issue.

Thank you for your response, George. Please take all the time you need, as long as eM Client is fine tuned in this sense.

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I would also like to vote for this amendment.

any news on the reconsideration - thats a killer feature for me. Don’t want attachments twice - in my docs folder and in an email

As time goes by, as I see, they have little or no interest in adding this feature. Apart from that, I think eM Client is a great app, so take it or leave it as is.

It is planned for the next major version 6.