How to recover the emails status from eM Client to webmail?

Hi Guys,

I messed up my Outlook webmail, I marked all my email as read, now my only option is to synchronize in reverse the emails from eM Client to Outlook webmail, is that possible?

I am pretty desperate…

I assume you are using POP3, otherwise your eM Client and Inbox would be the same.

What you need to do is add the same account as IMAP. So now you have two accounts with the same login details; one POP3 one IMAP.

Copy all the unread emails from the POP3 Inbox to the IMAP inbox.

Remove the IMAP account from eM Client.

The clever thing with this is that you do not end up with two of each email in your Inbox. Just one - marked as unread. Also, it will not download them again using POP3, they just stay on the server as unread until you mark it read through your webmail.

Hi Gary,

thanks for your reply.

unfortunately I am using IMAP that is the point. I must use the client to synchronize the server. I made that error in the office so eM Client is not synchronized yet. That is my only chance to revert the process…

OK. This can be solved.

When you get to the computer where eM Client is installed, disconnect it from the Internet before opening eM Client.

I am assuming all these unread emails are in your Inbox. Open eM Client and create a new folder in Local Folders. Copy the unread emails to this new local folder.

Reconnect to the Internet. eM Client should sync with the IMAP server, and all the unread emails in your IMAP Inbox will be marked read. Now copy the unread emails from the Local Folder to your IMAP Inbox.

There you go!
I’ll let you know, Thanks!