How to Recover files in Backup File

How do I Recover files in Backup File?

There is just a complete eMC Backup and complete eMC Restore with no options to handle individual files.

lunes 29 agosto 2022 :: 1601hrs (UTC +01:00)


As @sunriseal says it’s a simple routine and to be specific:
To Backup - Menu ->Backup
To Restore - Menu ->File ->Restore

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Thanks - I think I know what to do with Backup.
But I would like to archive the current files in case there is a legal need for information that is in them. By archive I mean a Backup type operation with the ability to search and extract relevant emails without disturbing the curtent traffic.
I seem to recall you had this function in earlier versions but I can’t find it now.
Help please!
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Go to and search for “ARCHIVE”. You can do manual or automatic archive with eM Client.