How to past files as attachment

I select and copy several picture files in explorer, copied to clipboard.
I open eM Client with a new email and want to past the files as attachments.
This always used to work well in V6 and e.g. Outlook, but now with V7 the actual pictures are scaled down and pasted in my writing area. The is not what I want or need.
The forum show 14721 solutions, I red about 5 of these and do not have the time to keep on reading.
Where is the setting to simply paste files so these become an attachment please?

If you want them to be attachments, use Insert > File
If you want them in the body, use Insert > Image

This I know, thanks.
But I got selected images in my clipboard, when I paste these in eM Client 6 or Outlook, the files (in this case pictures) become attachements.
I do not want the pictures to be inserted as text.
Has this option been removed?

I am not sure about earlier versions of eM Client, but in 6.0.24985, pasting the image files as you describe resulted in inline graphics not attachments.

But the option IS there to add them as attachments - just not done by the method you are used to.