How to migrate the settings from Desctop to android version

Trying to migrate my settings fom my very gentle working desktop version there is offered the possibility to create an qr code on the desktop for scanning ba mobile and to dopy the settings but… nowwhere i can find the utton for creating the code… and i´ve installed the latest release of em client on my desktop. can you please help me?

The option is in the latest version available in the Release History.

For any other questions or issues when testing the Android beta version, please send them directly to [email protected]

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When you click export to QR code in the latest interim release V9.2.1553 for the desktop as @Gary advised, you get the options to tick choose for exporting the Settings, Tags, Accounts etc and then the Bar code appears at the end.

Then open the eM Client Droid app. (Don’t setup your email account), and just choose the bottom option which then brings up the import via Bar code & enables your camera and scans the bar code, and then imports all your desktop settings.

The Droid app will then prompt you to verify all your account passwords and tokens etc. When thats completed, it will take time till all your account emails appears. Also being (an early release) it will take longer than normal till it’s optimized. The QR import worked ok for me.


I don’t have version 9 as I paid for a late version of 8

So how do I import my backup from desktop?

Unfortunately, the app only prompts for the same login-account for all others following. Cannot use it.