How to migrate my contacts?

I moved over to eMclient from Windows live mail. It works fine and migrated all my mailboxes and messages but not my contacts. How can I get me contacts list

If you go to Menu > File > Import > WLM and selectively import just the contacts, does that make any difference?

Thanks for your help Gary, not there yet. Gone into Menu > File > Import > WLM and selected contacts but then it asks me which folder I want to import to, but the list of options doesn’t include a contacts folder.  Not sure If I need to import into local folders or somewhere else??

Just choose Local Folders. The contacts will be imported and stored on your computer. If at some stage you want to sync them with an online provider (like Google) you can move them.

Once the import is complete, if you can’t see the Local Folders, go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and choose Show Local Folders.

Followed you instructions Gary but when I try to import the contacts I get an error message saying that the contacts database file is already opened by another program…but I checked and it isn’t!

Open the Windows Task Manager and make sure that WLM or, on Windows 10, something like People is not running, either as a process or a service, then try again.