How to leave message with no changes on server

I did automatic setup for my gmail, after full sync with server all mails downloaded successfully. I started reading emails in the eMclient and automatically emails marked as read in my gmail account. How I can disable this feature?
After downloading all emails from server to client I dont want any changes in the gmail, only in eMclient, account is used by more than 1 person and new emails must remain unread in the gmail until somebody will actually read them directly in gmail. 

When using the automatic setup for Gmail, eM Client will connect to the server using IMAP. This is basically the same as using the Gmail web interface. So if you view a message in either eM Client or your browser, it is marked as read on the server.

Another option is to use POP3. Depending on your settings, this will download messages from the server, but not change the status on the server at all. So if you mark a message a read in eM Client, or even delete it in eM Client, it will remain on the server as unread.

Please see the [Help File](| _____ 2 “Link httpswwwemclientcomwebdocumentationen70eMClientDefaulthtmAccountsCreate20New20Accounthtm3FTocPath3DAccounts7C_____2”) for information on setting up your account as POP3.