How to leave mail on server

eM (today) did not leave copy of email on server.  Under  ‘accounts’ tab, ‘POP3’ box checked for  “leave a copy.” Below that, a 14-day wait before deleting is checked. And, below that,  'remove…when deleted ’ box is checked. Never had a problem until today. Was unable ot find anticipated email anywhere but on the eM account. Do I need to  delete and again configure account rules so it will properly leave message on server? Thanks. robert

What version of eM Client are you using?

Just be careful of deleting a POP3 account, as that will delete all the data in eM Client associated with that account. You will first need to move all the messages from all folders of that POP3 account to Local Folders. After deleting and re-adding the POP3 account, you can move the messages back. But I don’t think that will resolve the issue.

Have you considered using IMAP instead?