How to increase the size of toolbar?

How to increase the size of the buttons in the toolbar? I think a little too small.


Unfortunately there is no way how to increase buttons on toolbar, also we do not plan to implement it.

In 6th version you will be able to switch to touch mode which will increase distance between them but that is all.

You can try increasing your windows DPI, but that will enlarge absolutely everything not only toolbar.

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+1 for the ability to increase the size of the toolbar icons


this can be solved by touch mode, but it can be turned on only if you are having touch screen on your laptop, lcd panel or tablet.


+1 to increase the toolbar size

Hi, if you’d like this feature, you can make an ‘Idea’ Topic and let other users vote on it.


+1 to increase the close, restore and minimize etc icon sizes. Very tiny on hi-res displays

Hi Tony, thank you for the suggestion, we’re already working on some improvements for high resolution displays for future releases.


+1 for toolbar customization and bigger buttons

+1 for toolbar customization and bigger buttons

Any updates?

The graphic Icons are way too small on my Screen (high Resolution 13’3).



Just curious, is this a feature already planned or built in in EMC version 7?

Nowadays, when screen resolutions and monitor size are steadily growing it would be fine if I could resize or at least customize different more than one button size and secondly customize the layout and content of the various toolbars, too.

Hello Mike, as I’ve previously suggested improved support for high resolution monitors and devices is a planned feature to eM Client 7.

Sounds good! At least for those high res toolbar buttons.

If this also applies for customizable toolbars, version 7 will get a long awaited feature, too :wink:

Thanks for the update.

The question is when Version 7 will be available…

We’re working on the upcoming release, please make sure to follow us on facebook or twitter to find out more about upcoming releases.

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