how to import dat files ?

I have deleted an account but need to re-open or re-import the emails from this account into the em client. I found the folder with the dat-files but how can I get the emails back into the program ?

I’ve just begun to test eM Client.

Part of that is reading it’s forum.

Why do I see so many questions about eM Client which are not answered? Not by employees of eM Client, nor other end users.

That worries me regarding support.

I have yet to see any forum with all questioned being answered. That said, there’s also a lot of question be asked repeatedly - many people don’t use the search function before they ask the question. To sum up, it all about the community of the forum. EM simply ain’t that big yet, nor lots of eM Client user’s are tech junkies - as I would assume most of them would use something like Thunderbird.