how to import contacts to eM Client from MS Outlok with assigned categories?

is there any option how to import contacts from Outlok with assigned categories?
any workaround?
direct import from Outlook is ignoring categories.
import via CSV does not offer the option to map Categories field (and is ruining national charcters with diacritical signs)
Outlook does not offer an option to direct export to any of other formats, which emClient is supporting.
I am missing this funcionality very much, having a hundreds of contacts assigned to a tens of categories :frowning:

any ideas? I found this piece of SW very usefull, thumbs up, but the effort for rearranging all of my contacts and categories does not worth the feel of using free software and/or saving money not buying MS Outlook :frowning:

same problem!

Hi, this has been resolved years ago, can I ask if you are having troubles with categories only or you can’t import at all?

i only have troubles with importing categories

means … all fields work to import unless categories

can you try this version… ?