How to Hide "No Date" and "In The Past" in Agenda Sidebar?

“In The Past” items are of NO USE.

But “No Date” and “In The Past” push TODAY down and out of site. Thank you for making me forget TODAY’s appointments!

How can i put TODAY at the top of the sidebar agenda?


Hi, this is not possible, you can collapse those groups or remove old events/tasks, but they will be always shown in Agenda.


your sidebar makes me forget TODAY’s appointments!

this is a feature-request

ok, I have changed this thread to “Idea”.



Marked as under consideration

Hey jan,

please see this related idea thread and give it an under consideration, too:…

Hi again, thank you, I’ve checked the suggestions and I’ll make sure they get proper attention, thank you for reporting these “issue”.
We’ll consider improving this for future releases.