How to get WIndows Live Calendar and Contacts to load into eMClient

Importing Calendar and Contacts from Windows Live. I down loaded eM Client thinking it was going to help move my stuff in my mail, calendar and contacts. When I got it installed it did move the emails, but none of the calendar or the contacts. Is there a special way? Do I export my WLM files, then import those files into eM Client?
HELP, PLease

That sounds odd. I also use the Microsoft calendar and to store my contacts. I did have to update to the latest version of eM to get the Microsoft authentication protocol to work, but once I did I was able to add my account to eM. Once I added the account the email, calendar, and contacts all synced correctly.

If the calendar and contacts are not synced with an online source, then you can import them using Menu > File > Import > WLM. Instead of importing everything, as you already have the messages, choose the selected folders option. 

But if you can export them from WLM, that might be a better option.