How to get support

How do I get support? I have VIP support I think. I bought emclient less than a year ago. License is issued July 18 2021. They claim my email is unknown. I was never issued an email. I have a license to.

So, do we get support for 1 year with purchase? If so, how do we get in touch with support? What username and password do they want?

Or, when we buy the product does it not come with any support at all?

Their support portal is here:


Are you indicating you never received an email like the following that provided you with your license key :

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Thank you. You made me recheck my stuff. I didn’t make an account with them so I didn’t think I had a username and password. But I clip their email into my password safe and at the bottom it give me credentials for getting support. It’s just that that stuff was below the fold and I didn’t see it. Possibly because I pasted the upgrade to version 9 above the version 8 I purchased.

Anyway I’m in now.

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