How to get Smart Folder to Separate out Email Accounts?

In Thunderbird, I have unified folders, so as shown, all my email inboxes are at the top in one row, and I can easily tell which have message and which don’t.  I cannot figure if there is a way with smart folders to show the same.  I do not want a single inbox that aggregates all my different inboxes, because that mixes personal emails and 3 business account emails.  I also would rather not go down into each individual account.  Is there any way to mimic the Tbird setup?  I have searched for a 1/2 hour in the forums but could not find this directly answered.  Thanks.

Hi, this is unfortunately not possible in eM Client, however you might find search folders useful. While using smart folders you can setup a search folder for your unread (or all) email located in each of your inboxes. These search folders will be then displayed on the top along with other smart folders.

To setup a search folder, right click smart folders and select Display > Search folders, by right clicking search folder you’ll be able to create a new search folder.

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The search folder approach that you suggested is a step in the right direction but inconvenient and still not a complete solution. We simply want to see at a glance how many unread emails are available in each folder. Can you provide this per-account unread count without so we don’t have to keep the twisty for each account (or search folders) open all the time?

Harvey, a new customer

Hi Harvey, unfortunately this is currently the only available solution. In previous versions the unread count number was shown next to the account name, but based on a user feedback we moved the unread count to each folder, based on the number of unread messages in that folder.

There’s unfortunately no other setting that would allow you to do this, but if you’d like to see this again, maybe you can start an “Idea” topic here on the forum and let other users vote on the feature.

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