How to get rid of these.. missing Image link signs?

I get quite a lot Mails with Images in. Most of them are harmless. and most of them are from friends

For this example i use a Newsletter i sometimes get. This one has a lot of Pictures in too but instead of showing nothing, like Thunderbird for example, i get these… I dont know the right specification for it, i call it “missing-images-pic” and its awefull

and this is how it should look like. Clean and easy to read.

Is there a way to get rid of these “whatever-signs” in em client too?

This is a feature. Potentially dangerous images are only loaded after a manual confirmation. But you can adjust this for each sender.

I know its a feature images are not loaded because of security reason. i meant the little green Icons displayed everywhere normaly the images are…
and as u can see in my first post Thunderbird is hiding them for a cleaner view
I just wanted to know if its possible to hide them :wink: