How to get lower right corner alerts after receiving a new email - Vista

Your program is excellent! I’m using Windows Vista, and my only issue is: When I receive a new email, I’m not seeing an alert (visual icon, perhaps a sound) in the lower right corner of my screen (where the tiny icons are, most email programs put their ‘you have mail’ alerts down there). When I installed eM I did not change the default settings for Tools > Settings > Notifications. I also tried this two different ways: 1) When eM was ‘up big’ on my screen, and a new email came in, there was no alert in the lower right corner…that is understandable because the program was up. 2) I minimized eM so it’s only seen in the main toolbar (at the bottom of the screen), then when I received a new email there was no alert, but it was certainly received by eM. Anything you can tell me about how to have the alerts come up, thank you. I will tell everyone about eM, it is a great client. It is the most readable email program I have ever seen.

it’s strange, it should work if you didn’t turn it off. Please, check Windows notifications settings (at Windows 7 available at Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Notification Area Icons) whether it’s enabled OK for eM Client or MailClient.exe .

Thank you. Could you tell me where the notifications would be in Vista. I’m running Vista. Also, the more I use eM Client the more fantastic it is. I sent in a technical support question to Yahoo Mail, and I proudly said I’m using eM Client, and that it’s an excellent program. So, word of mouth is spreading – your users are your best marketers.

I get to the setting when I click at little arrow at the right corner of taskbar and then click Customize…

Thank you. I do not see eM Client in the Notification Icons list. I think I know the reason: When I originally installed the program I got it working with a different email provider (a gmail one, FYI). Then I saw how great eM is and I added my main email provider a Yahoo one). Then I removed the gmail one. So, I am going to uninstall eM then reinstall it, and put the Yahoo account as the one and only one. Now, I won’t do this if there is an ability, in eM Client, to “add to Notification Icons.” But I get the feeling this is an ‘automatically added’ thing. No need to reply if there is no auto add of the Notification Icon. Tonight I will uninstall/reinstall eM Client and let you know if that fixes the notification situation. Thanks!