how to get calendar entries and contacts from Windows Live

I installed em client 6 today and it imported most of the stuff that I had in Windows Live Mail, but it did not copy over the calendar or contact information associated with my hotmail account.  I see from other posts that it is suggested to use file-import to get this data, but I do not see any options that have to do with contacts or calendar data.  The email messages and folders were copied properly.  I am receive4ing new emails and I can send emails – just no hotmail contacts or calendar.

What should I do?


Also, the contents of the hotmail send mail folder was not copied.

Hi Dan,
to sync Microsoft accounts’ contacts and calendars was possible only through AirSync, but it is currently being discontinued.
We’re working on a solution to synchronize these even when your account is POP/IMAP. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.
As for the send mail problem, sounds like your default server’s protocol was POP and your account was set up as such. To sync your Sent items you will need to set up your account manually as IMAP in Tools>Accounts and in New Account choose to configure your servers through Mail>Other option.