How to get a nice, standard windows look with v7? (Interesting, but sad)

So check this out. I was working on some themes and doing some testing, and eMC momentarily locked up. I saw something strange, and quickly grabbed for the screen capture key.

Check this out…

See that? A beautiful, standard Windows 7 form with rounded corners, gradients, and working caption buttons, complete with glowing mouse-hover colors. Unfortunately it only lasted for a couple of seconds and eMC started working again, and then it was back to…well you know.

It figures; the only time we get to see v7 look this nice is when it locks up and the OS windowing system can take control for a second or two.  :)

Hello Calan,
Unfortunately, we decided a long time ago not to implement this look so I do not think we can provide you with a solution any soon.
We always listen to our users but we have to prioritize our tasks depending on the number of users requesting other features. I hope you will understand it.