How to fully archive old mail?

Hi. I have file of 1.4Gb and mail_fti.dat of 0.7Gb. The search function is not returning all the relevant emails that it should. I assume that is because the size of mail files. Is there any way to select old data to full removed and backed up elsewhere?

any other ideas why the search index is not returning complete results?

Hello Piers not completely sure what search you’re referring to, do you mean the built-in application search?

If you’re using the eM Client search make sure you have all folders selected in search preferences and that the property you’re searching for is available in the database, for example the message body can only be searched if the body content is downloaded, since the application by default only synchronizes message headers and body of the message is only downloaded once you open the message, or if the “download messages for offline use” option is enabled.

Hope this helps.