How to force saving auto saving of ALL backups?

Menu, Tools, Settings, Backup, Preserve Last only gives a choice of save 1,2,3,4,5. My email is important as opposed to of casual importance. I want ALL backups saved. If I save emails, then I want them preserved forever, regardless of any future backup.

I could change the name of the backup folder after every fifth backup, which would work as long as I never forget how many are in the current folder. 

The size of say fifty backups of a few thousand emails each is trivially small in comparison to size of my very typical laptop’s memory. Losing a particular email which seems unimportant, may end up critical.

I have the same requirement as you Acra. This is how I handled it using Windows Task Scheduler.

Setup your Automatic Backup as usual. It is important to set the location, because in Task Scheduler you will not be able to set a different location. Now unselect Enable periodic backup. This is important, because If you leave this enabled, it will continue to remove backups.

Open Windows Task Scheduler and create a new task. Under triggers you can set your preferred frequency and time. 

Under actions you want to point to DbBackup.exe as the program to run.

It is important that you add the -backup argument, otherwise this will not work.

If there are any other conditions of the task you want to change, you can do that, but this will work just fine as is.

Now the backup will run whether eM Client is running or not (the Automatic backup does that as well) at the time you specified, and will not delete previous backups. You can create another task that will automatically remove files from that directory over a certain age if storage becomes a problem.

Thanks! Very good idea proved to work well.
On the whole I think eMClient mail is exactly the PC ap I needed for email. It is I think the best for most people. Am very pleased with everything now that backups are working better. Fast backups, fast powerful searches. Quick access to the features in the layout. Just about perfect!

For anyone using Windows task scheduler on Win 8.1 as per Gary Curtin’s message: it works and runs the backup on my Win 8.1 laptop, but for some reason it does not show in the list of tasks in the Windows task schedule table. But it does run perfectly (set for once a day on my laptop).

EDIT: I found the ‘Refresh’ box  that  allows the backup task to show in Win Task Scheduler.

Task scheduler Win 8.1, Control Panel set to ‘view with large icons’: Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Task Scheduler.