How to find rule or other setting deleting emails

I have a PC and a laptop both using Win10 and version EM Client (8.2.1659). I have emails from one specific email address that are not received on the PC but they are on the laptop. I have searched all my folders for the emails just in case there were being automatically sent to one of them. I could not find any of the emails either by using the search bar or looking myself.

Both the laptop and the PC are using the same email server and all the settings are the same on both devices. I have searched my rules for the address, parts of the address, and for any in body words that might be deleting the emails. However, I am not sure using any of the search functions actually search in the rules. I am sure just scrolling through the rules looking, I could miss something. I did forward one of the emails in my laptop back to myself to see if it would show up on the PC and it did. Since it did, I have to assume there is nothing in the body of the email that would cause a rule to delete it, so I am guessing it has to be the address it is sent from. My question is, how do I search any and all functions of EM Client that I may have inadvertently done to cause this address to be deleted each time it is sent? I hope I gave you enough information to understand my issue.

Just check via “Menu / Rules” in eM Client that they are setup the same on both computers and you normally shouldn’t have any problems.

Failing that check if you have any “Mail box Server rules” setup that might be doing something unknown.