How to find invitations in IMAP mailboxes / email accounts


I want to find all invitations that I received to my IMAP mailbox / email account.
But the “Invitations” view in the right sidebar seems to only work for email accounts with an included calendar like Microsoft Exchange.
It does not show the invitations that I received to my IMAP mailbox / email account.

I tried creating a search folder searching for attachments named *.ics which works partly but it looks like not every invitation has such an attachment.
Probably depending on the program it was sent from.

So how can I search for really all invitations?


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Just wondering. All emails subject lines related to calendar invitations in my case either start with “Invitation:”, “Accepted”, or “Declined” (or the equivalent in French because I use both languages for invitations).

Thanks for the input.
This helps me finding more but still not all invitations with my search folder.

A lot of them have no prefix in the subject that I could use for finding them.
For example all of the ones I found before by searching for a *.ics attachment.

Probably highly dependent on the email client used for sending the invitations…

Does anyone know how to reliable find all invitations / calendar elements?

Is there really no way to do so?

The first thing to consider is that the Invitations side-bar is showing items in calendars, not messages.

So, if you have received an invitation on an email account that has no associated calendar, there will be no calendar event to include in the side-bar.

Ok, thanks.

That’s good to know but does not help in my case as I don’t have calendar accounts but only IMAP ones with local calendars.

So there is no way to reliably find all calendar elements (invitations) in INBOX?

The invitations will be in the Inbox, until you accept or reject them. Then with most providers it will be deleted and converted to an event.

In case of IMAP the invitations stay in the inbox after being accepted or rejected.
But that is fine I think.

My problem is how can I quickly and easily find all (unread) invitations.

When I am on vacation for 1 or 2 weeks I have up to 1000 emails in my inbox.
I need some time to read and process them of course.

But maybe in between those 1000 emails there are invitations for meetings for the first or second day after my return.
Then I will miss those because I might not read them in time.
Just happened yesterday.

Therefore I am still looking for a way to see all my invitations in the inbox.

In version 9, which will be released next year, we have a filter option for the Inbox (or other folders).

You will be able to easily filter by a drop-down icon on things like all messages that are invitations.

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Great to hear that.
Looking forward to it! :smile: