How to enable auto update of contacts information to groups

When updating an individual contacts information, I find that this does not automatically change the same contact when incorporated in a group.

Hi Gerald, sorry I’m not completely sure if I understand your issue, can you please explain the issue a bit more?
What version of eM client are you currently using?

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I will try again…When a contact is placed into a “distribution list” or “group”, and I make a change in some manner to their general “contact” information, the change does not automatically update with that same contact in the “distribution list” or “group”. Consequently, I have to manually go through all the “distribution lists” or “groups” where that contact may reside…Thanks

Sorry…Latest version…

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Hi Gerald, how are you creating the distribution list? Or how are you adding members to it?
There are two ways, if you have a distribution list open, and click “Add New”, an unlinked contact will be added to the Distribution list which won’t be changed if you adjust the contact, because it’s not linked with the contact.

However if you click on select members and add them, linked accounts should be added and any change should be saved within the distribution list too.

You can check if you have linked contacts in distribution by checking the contact icon in the distribution list, either it’s grayed out or it’s colored, colored icon mean the contact is linked and you can open the contacts details on double click.

Can you maybe make a screenshot of your distribution list’s details and post it here?

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I do create the distribution lists via “select members” but the contact info does not link, hence the problem. Here is the screenshot. Any thoughts? Thanks! 

Hi Gerald, I did some more testing on this issue, and although my distribution lists were auto updating pretty much regularly, it seems like there might be few glitches in this, I’ll notify the developers about this issue and hopefully we’ll be able to make a fix for future releases.

Thank you for pointing this out to us,
I hope you can manage to use the current settings before we fix this, thank you,