How to do a Re-start of eM Client from a Backup

I want to try a re-start since I have an older backup. Assume that I “Remove” my existing issue. From my existing older backup folder, what specific folder or file should I select to use that will replace my deleted issue?


To restore a backup, start eM Client and choose Menu > File > Restore.

This will replace your existing database with the one from the backup.

Hi Gary, I already did the Menu>File>Restore thing but, it did not replace my Calendar or my old emails earlier that Dec 2016. It did bring back my “Contacts” however! I’ve already started a new Calendar but I have copies of all my older emails. Can I “import” them into my current issue?

One more issue - I’m still am having problems with sending & receiving emails. My IMAP settings are: HOST:, PORT: 993, & Security policy: Use SSL/TLS if available. That seems to be OK. But I continue get a red triangle error on my SMTP. My current settings are: HOST:, PORT: 465, & Security policy: Use SSL/ TLS in available. I’ve already tried a number of different variations on these SMTP but none have worked! BTW, my email address ends with “”. Suggestions, please!