How to display two or three weeks in calendar?

Hello everyone. I just downloaded and installed em Client for the very first time.
Mail and calendar setup worked fine thus far, however I have one short question:

In the calendar view, how can I configure the number of weeks that are displayed simultaneously?

At the top of the screen, I can choose between day, (work) week, month and agenda.
However, I would like to show two, maybe tree weeks at once.

Only one week is not enough (because I would also like to see the upcoming events, too, when planning my schedule), showing the whole month is just too much.

So, is there any way to configure this view to display two or three weeks?

In Outlook, I could just click on the calendar and select the range that should be shown in the calendar. In Google calendar, I can define a custom view where I can specify the number of days / weeks that should be shown in the calendar view.

How can I achieve a similar behavior in em Client?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

edit: I just noticed that I can select multiple days in the “mini-calendar” by left-clicking + holding Shift / Ctrl. However, this is very laborious and the selected range is not saved by default, so unfortunately that’s not the thing I’m looking for. Hopefully there is a better way?

just use ctrl-mouse wheel or if you have a touch display you can use zoom gesture as well.

Hi Michal, thank you very much for the fast response. That works great!

I have to say - I love eM Client. Played around with it for a couple of hours now and it is so much better than Outlook in all aspects. This was just the last feature I was missing. :slight_smile: