How to display salutation not email address in emails

how do I set up my emails to show the recipent’s name rather than their email address in the ‘To’ box of emails

If you are referring to messages you are composing, then as long as the contact is setup with a name, the To: field will display Name <address>.

If you are referring to messages you receive, the To: field will only display whatever is in the email header. It does not take into account any contact you may have in eM Client for the same email address.

My contacts are set up with an email address eg jsmith@???.com and a ‘salutation’ of ‘John Smith’. I want to show To: John Smith without showing the email address in the messages I send. Can this be achieved?

The To: field will always display Name <address> while you are composing the message.

Once the message has been sent and is in your Sent folder, only the name will be displayed.

When the message is received by the recipient, depending on what email client they are using, they may see just the name or the name and address.

The address will always be there though, in your Sent folder and in the recipient’s Inbox, even if it is not immediately visible. In eM Client, if you hover the mouse over the name, the address will be displayed.