how to detect eM Client 8 Beta Backup tool

How can I detect (if it is running or not) eM Client 8 Beta Backup Tool on Windows 10 Task Manager?

Best is to look in eM Client’s Operation window (Menu > Operations) to see what is running. 

Perhaps I should be more specific:
I have a full backup coming after eM Client finishes it’s backup and right now they are both working at the time and the result isn’t what I wanted.
With eM Client 7 I could detect it programmatic asking if the process of DbBackup.exe has completed and then the full backup could start.
But with this new method introduced by eM Client 8 it can’t be detected any longer (at least I couldn’t do it) and this is the reason of my question.

Best would be to send your query or feedback to

They handle all beta issues.

You’re probably right!
I didn’t before because I thought it wasn’t an eM Client 8 issue but only a methodological change.