How to Delete a Complete Acoount? Also Delete Local Mails, Calendars, etc?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

I am actually testing your EM CLient, in order to switch from annoying Microsoft Outlook…

So i Had two POP3 and one IMAP Account in order to test the programm.

Now i want to “swicht” it to “sharp”, which means, i wantet to try it with the Real acoount and the Real Settings…

In order to do this id like to Delete my old, first made accounts. Completely with calendar, etc…
Like in Outlook, Delete the PST file.

I Deletet the Mail acounts in Menü - Extras-Konten.

But Mails, etc are still there!

How i get rid of it?

Do i have to re install it?

Is there a German Support?


Greetings Simon

the only way that I have found to do this is delete the mails you have and remove the accounts and that reload.  Be careful with the POP3 accounts.  if you delete the emails you will not get them back.  what you could do with them is export the POP3 account email and your contacts.  The IMAP accounts emails will come back.  Make sure you export the POP and Contacts.

Ok, Thanks

I Hope Someone from the EM Client Team can answer me this question…

If it is not possible / Or just like you said, with deleting the mails, the programm is for our Company unusable…

Imagine you have 4 Email adresses and you like to delete one of them, including the mails…

Not so good…


Greetings Simon

move your emails from the account you want to delete to an account you are going to keep if  you need to keep the emails/ make a mail a folder under the inbox for these emails on the account you are keeping and move the emails to that box and than delete the account

Dear Mr. Wabraham

Thanks fo your help.

This is not a Option for me… If this function is missing, its coing to be to time consuming…
Means: Solution = Microsoft Outlook… :frowning:

Is there no Support from Em Mail Client Staff?

I think there is no way to contact them, exept to hope that someone reply here in the forum…

Also a Big minus for this programm…

So Sad, i was firs very impressed by the programm itself…


Greetings Simon

I believe (but not positive) that when you set up a POP3 account you can choose to either use the built-in system local folders or separate folders that are specific to that account.  If you do the latter, deleting the account should delete all the messages, etc.  If you use the system local folders, it will not delete the emails (for good reason, as this is where archived messages are kept).  IMAP never uses the local folders so deleting the account will always delete the messages.

Hello Mr. Ogram.
Ok, Thanks.
But i am Speaking from “Local” administation, not about managing the accounts somewhere in the internet…

I Like to add or remove (NOT DELETE), a complete Account in the Em Email Software programm.

Like in Outlook, there i can go and mark and REMOVE a  ACCOUNT from the COMPUTER (LOCAL) without deleting or touching anything on the SERVER…
And most important: Letting the OTHER accounts, Iinstalled on the SAME MACHINE, UNTOUCHED.

Just like “Klick” and “bing”. Nothing wit loosing and deleting and stuff like that…

But i think the answer is just:

No Sir unfortunately with our software you cant manage different email accounts like this, you need to manage it all step by step, mail by mail…


greetings Simon

I am speaking locally-- that is removing the account from eM Client not from (for example) Gmail.

Hello Mr. Ogram

Ok, Thanks.

Anyway,i was not able to Delete the Complete account…

I Just like to Delete for example one account out of 3…

Now i have Deletet all accounts and everithing is still there… (1x POP3 2x Imap)

Could also  be a bug in the software…

I changed the folder where the Datas are saved, then everithing was gone…

But thas bricollage… I Dont Like bricollage in Computer systems…

Now i  still try to find a Manual or something who tells me how to delete a account with the mails, etc in EM Mail client.



Anyway, I Think ill give EM Mail Client a chance and our company will test it…


greetings simon

Helo Simon,

If I understand correctly, then you just wish to remove the account - which can be done in Menu > Tools > Accounts using the “bin” button. Just make sure it’s an IMAP account because then it will delete the account from eM Client but all the data will be kept on the server.

In case of POP3 account, just make sure that before deleting, you have all mails on the server (Menu > Tools > Accounts > your account > POP3 > Keep messages on the server)

If you have any questions regarding the testing and the purchase, please contact me at: [email protected].


That is my understanding

Hello Russel

Whats a “bin” button?

Do you Mean the Trash-Can button?

If yes, i already done so, no mails where deleted… Everything was still on the computer… ???



Hello Simon,

Yes, I mean the Trash/Bin button. After you delete the account, all the data should be deleted as well. Just make sure that the emails were not stored in the Local folders. Then the emails would stay in eM Client after removing the account.


Hello Russel

I tested it once again… For IMAP Mails it works…
But not for Contacts and not for the Planner, 
I Have to Delete them manually.

– Could be impossible if i dont know to which account the Dates / Contacs are belonging.

also i thinfk there is a problem with POP accounts…

We Just bought 10 Licences… I hope this will be improved in future…

 Greertings Simon



Dear Simon,

It’s strange because all calendars and contacts which were listed under that specific account should have been removed as well. The only exceptions are the local folders.
Thank you for the purchase. If you’d need any help with eM Client, submit a ticket at: