How to create Search Folders for "Today"


I’m trying to create a Search Folder to display messages received today. I am trying to duplicate a smart folder I have on another system.

Ideally I’d like to include messages that I’ve looked at (read) today, no matter what date they were received, and that were received today. If I can’t do both, I’d like to see what was received today (with some additional filters applied to filter out noise).

The Search Folder has Received Before and Received After options, but both seem to require a date and will not let you select “today” as a dynamic value. If I click today it gives the date specifically. This would work today, but tomorrow would include two days, and the day after that three. That is not what I want.

The second search folder I’m wanting to create is the same as the one above, but for Yesterday.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks in advance.