How To Create/Manage Task Groups?

Before I start with my question I want to mention that I had to post this in the
Mail category because there wasn’t a category specific to tasks. There are
categories for mail and calendar but not tasks. Also, there is no category for
general questions.

I would like to suggest that the eM Client web team the following:

1. Add Category Tasks to the Forum
2. Add Categories For All eM Client Features
    - Currently only Mail and Calendar categories exist.
    - The following categories don’t exist: Contacts, Widgets, and Tasks

Thank you for listening.

I have a question about task groups. I am using eM Client to manage my Google Tasks. When looking at tasks using eM Client’s Task tab there is an option to show tasks in Groups. When I enable grouping only one group named With Attachments is shown.

Here is a screenshot:

I have no idea where this task group came from, I did not create it, and I cannot figure out how to manage and/or create groups from within eM Client.

I checked all the program settings. I also clicked all menus and buttons in the Task tab to see if any of them had something related to groups and found only three but none of them were related to group management, only to displaying/hiding groups.

Here is what I found:

  1. [eM Client Settings->Tasks->General] Option Show groups in tasks list.

  2. [Task List Panel Context Menu]
        a. Expand All Groups
        a. Collapse All Groups

I also logged in to Gmail and tried to find anything related to Task groups but I was not successful.

I have a couple questions:

1. Does anyone know how I can manage, create, delete, etc. task groups?

2. Are task groups a feature of eM Client only or is it an integral part of Google Tasks?

Thank you,


Hi Jan, groups are a feature of eM Client, however if you have the option “show in groups” enabled, groups are displayed based on what criteria you’re using to sort the tasks in the folder. I believe this is due to clicking on the little “attachment” icon between the different columns.
If you for example click on Due now, your tasks should again be sorted in categories such as Today, Tomorrow, Older, etc.

Hope this helps,

If I want a group of contacts; like golf, football, politics or teachers. How to create a group each subject?

Hi Ralph, fill in the details for your contacts in eM Client, so you have the “Job title” field filled out.
If you have the “Job Title” field displayed in your columns, just select to sort all your contacts by this column.

Then you should be seeing all the categories based on your job title.

Hope this helps,