How to create Folders

I’m fairly new to eM Client. How do you create folders? My inbox is getting quite large with emails that I need to save. I need to create folders but cannot find how to do that. Thank you!

To create a sub-folder of Inbox, right-click on the Inbox and choose New Folder.
This will not reduce the space used on the server, but it will allow you to organise your messages into smaller groups.

To create a folder on the computer only, first enable Local Folders using Menu > Settings > General > Show Local Folders. Then right-click on the Local Folders Inbox and choose New Folder.
If you move messages from your account folders to these Local Folders, they will still be in eM Client, but will be removed from the server, freeing up space.

Thank you Gary. How do I do this if I’m on a Mac and cannot right click?

That would be a two finger tap on the touchpad.

Awesome - thank you! I would like to do Local Folders but I’m not sure where to look for the Menu. Is that on my computer or within eM Client? I couldn’t find it anywhere. I’m on a MacBook Pro mid-2012 if that matters, using Catalina. I appreciate your help so much!

Never mind Gary - I think I figured it out! Thank you for all of your help! I’ll be busy organizing folders this weekend - that’s going to be sooo nice! Have a great day, and thanks again!

Thank you Gary for your response to Pam’s initial request.
I to found your advise most helpful.

When I do this nothing happens. If I check the box then close Settings and open Settings again the box is unchecked.

em Client for Mac 9.2.1841
macOS Ventura 13.3.1

Worked it out. Had to click on Save & Close!