How to create a Rule to test "any header" or "any sender/recipient" ??

I would like to have a single Rule that puts any mail that is from or to (or cc’d) a given address (say, [email protected]) into the Joe folder.  It appears (based on a legacy rule that was imported) that the software does support rules like

[email protected]

but I cannot figure out how to create a new rule like that. Alternatively, in your search capability you can do a search on “[email protected]” appearing in the Sender OR Any Recipient fields, which would accomplish the same thing. But there does not seem to be the same capability in Rules as there is in Search.

I know that I could accomplish the same thing with multiple rules dealing with “[email protected]” but I have many many rules, and it would be a huge hassle to have to create 4 - 8 rules to deal with e-mails that include Joe (as sender or recipient).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, J

Hi, you should be able to create such a rule by using the rule on messages you send and using the “sent to people” option, this rule should filter emails that are visible in the cc field as well.
Also you might find search folders useful. Just create a search folder for Joe’s emails and you’ll be able to access all the emails from Joe by a single click without actually using the rules.

Hope this helps,


Thanks very much for your reply.  I am not sure that I made my request clear (and no, search folders are not going to help - I am trying to organize my folders, not just find messages from “joe”). 

What I want to do is trivially easy in Eudora, and indeed you have similar capability in your Search capabilty.  This is what I am looking for:  I would like to have a SINGLE Rule that puts ALL of the following messages into a specific folder:

 – any message that [email protected] sends to me (as a to or cc or bcc)
 – any message that anyone sends to [email protected] (as a to or cc)

I know that I could do this with two or more rules, but I have more than a hundred rules and I would rather not have to create a hundred additional rules (especially given how tedious the rule making process is).

Eudora has two ways to accomplish this:

First, and most directly, it has a filter field for (effectively) “Any sender or recipient,” which I can set to [email protected].

Second, it has a more generic filter for “Any header” containing [email protected]

Can eM do anything similar?  

And let me drill down on that second one.  I know for sure that eM DOES honor a rule saying [email protected] and that it works. I know this because when importing from Eudora via Thunderbird, a small number of my original Eudora filters were imported, and one was created with exactly that format – and it worked. But the problem is that I cannot find any way that eM will accept the creation of a NEW rule. Can you help on that?

Thanks very much for your help on this. eM looks like it has great potential.

Thanks, J

Hi again,
the first rule can be created quite easily, just create a rule on messages you receive from people when your name is in the to or cc field, unfortunately the bcc option is not within the rules now, but it’s considered to be implemented for future releases.

The second rule may be quite tricky as I’m not completely sure where you want to apply this rule. If you’re looking for a rule that forwards an email if anyone sends the email to this account, that can not be done, as rules currently do not support automatic forwarding etc., but if you want to apply this rule to your eM Client for messages that contain this email address in the to or cc field, that can be done as I previously previewed.

Can you make a screenshot of the imported rule, from Tools > Rules?

Thank you,

+1 for a combination of a receiving and sending rule instead of two single ones. Should be fairly easy to implement.

And you have my vote for and / or conditions in rules as well. With the first mentioned enhancement it would be possible to create combined rules that are fired when I receive a mail to one of my addresses or when sending an email with the same account and move this email immediately to a specific folder so it doesn’t get lost in the outbox or anywhere else.

As v7 is knocking at our doors I would highly appreciate some great enhancements regarding rule definition, too, otherwise it would not justify a new version number :wink: