How to correct this problem

How do I stop these errors from coming.

Every time I start eMail Client I have to wait for the 25 errors that I get before it will send my email

And those errors are??

When I open my eMail client it goes through 26 errors form operations before the regular mail come through. Below is what happens
I sent the error messages to support which is long and they said contact the forum for help.
I tried to send the results but it won’t allow me to send it


Have you tried copy/paste?

Yes I know how to copy/paste I tried to copy and paste the operations and this is what I get
Body is limited to 32000 characters; you entered 51198.
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It is not necessary to paste the whole log as most of it is not errors, just normal operations.

And if there are 26 errors, they might be all the same so just copy one of them as paste it here.

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you know I getting sick and tired of eM client support won’t help and I have Pro because I have 5 email addresses and I still can’t past the info