How to contact participants of a calendar event from the event window?


Is there any “contact participants” feature on an event window? I found this feature very convenient on outlook whenever a change of plan happened for an event… but can’t find it on eMClient :frowning:

So I have to manually note the participants email addresses, and create an email from scratch, which is not quite a smooth experience…

any idea welcomed

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If you make any change to the event, notifications are automatically sent to the participants, so there is no need to write to them individually.

mmm thanks for explaining me how I can do without the feature (I’m doing the same to my business owners sometime, so I can relate)  :slight_smile:

But actually sometime I need to talk to the participants to find the best available spot - especially when they are not part of my organisation. Or just to warn them before moving the event. Or just for a related matter.

Anyway I guess this means this does not exist in eM, so I’ll just stick to manual for now


You are correct Yannick, though the participants will be notified of any change you make to the event, there is no way to use an event as an address list for emails.

However, if the event is saved in a local calendar, the original or updated invitations should be in your Sent folder, and includes all the participant’s addresses. Replying to that message will send an email to all of them.