How to Configure GAL/OAB Access?

I see threads about being able to access the GAL or OAB. Comments about how it just works or that there are options to select.

I am using 6.0.24144 and I have it configured to work against our Exchange 2010 infrastructure. But I do not see any OAB files, any Address Book pointing to our GAL or OAB.

The most I get is when I write a new email, the TO field will resolve a name that I type, but because it doesn’t show any first name or last name info (it only shows smtp address and maybe the NAME property), it is difficult to identify which John Smith I really want to reach. We really need it to show the DISPLAYNAME property.

How can I view an OAB or GAL? Without this, emClient is not usable in our environment of 300,000 users.

Hi Will,
I am very sorry for the late reply.
Do you have the GAL/OAB setup in the Tools>Accounts section under the Offline Address Book tab?


Was this question ever properly answered?
I have emClient 7.1.32088.0 connected to Office365 Exchange.
I see personal contacts, but dot not see OAB/GAL company contacts.
I turned on logging and there are no errors.
Is there a setting I am missing to view the GAL on the Contacts tab?
Thank you